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In these terms of service, when we refer to "" we refer to us, the company. A "client" is a user who posts jobs and hires vendors to perform jobs. A "vendor" is a user who bids on jobs and delivers work for an agreed upon payment. A "user" is anyone creating a profile at and using the services from

Part 1

1.1 is a service where a client can create a job offer, and task mates can bid on that job offer. The client choses which vendor they want to work with. The client pays before work is commenced. The vendor will be paid a sum equal to what the client has paid minus taskmate.coms cut. The vendor will be paid when the work product has been delivered.


To create a profile at, the user must be minimum 18 years of age

1.3 will be introduced as "public beta" to all existing and new clients and will be made accessible, as is, with a view to giving feedback on the quality and usability of the service. The client shall be aware that the beta service may contain defects or inaccuracies that may lead to problems such as loss of data and/or information. The client shall assume the fullrisk of the use of the beta software and will in no circumstances be liable for loss, including loss of data or damages related to the use thereof.


Illegal material is not permitted on, whether this be images, film clips, other types of files or link to unlawful photos or similar material. For example, unlawful material is, but not limited to, copyright protected material or other material you are not entitled to publish or store according to legislation. Nor is it permitted to upload erotic, pornographic or other offensive materia. It is entirely's decision to determine whether material belongs to one or more of the above categories, and the company reserves the right to delete any such material at any time without notice. In the event of such material being deleted the client cannot advance any claim against related to the deletion.

Part 2

2.1 is not responsible for the communication between client and vendor or for the work product delivered by the vendor, both in terms of quality and in terms of copyright infringement.

Taskmate is not a party to the dealings between Client and Vendor, including posts, proposals, screening selection, contracting, and performance of Vendor Services. Taskmate does not introduce Vendor to Clients or help Vendor find Engagements. Taskmate merely makes the Site Services available to enable Vendors to identify and determine the suitability of Clients for themselves and to enable Clients to identify and determine the suitability of Vendors for themselves. Taskmate does not, in any way, supervise, direct, or control Vendor or Vendor's work. Taskmate does not set Vendor's work hours, work schedules, or location of work, nor is Taskmate involved in determining if the Vendor Fees will be set at an hourly or fixed rate for a Service Contract. Taskmate will not provide Vendor with training or any equipment, labor, or materials needed for a particular Service Contract. Taskmate does not provide the premises at which the Vendor will perform the work. Taskmate makes no representations about, and does not guarantee the quality, safety, or legality of, the Vendor Services; the truth or accuracy of Vendors listings on the Site; the qualifications, background, or identities of Users; the ability of Vendors to deliver the Vendor Services; the ability of Clients to pay for the Vendor Services; or that a Client or Vendor can or will actually complete a transaction.

Taskmate is not required to and may not verify any feedback or information given to us by Vendors or Clients, nor does Taskmate perform background checks on Vendors or Clients.


In case of disputes and the cancellation of a job between the client and the taskemate, will try to mediate between the two parties on basis of the contract accepted by both parties before any payment is made and the work commences.

If a job with at least two steps is cancelled, the client does not have the right to recover any payments made to the vendor for steps that the client has already approved.


All feedback is from other users, we do not monitor or censor those, but may do so if by user request. The user is responsible for the feedback and thereby any damages suffered by other users as a result of feedback as legally actionable og defamatory. reserves the right (but is not obligated to) remove feedback, which violates our terms.

For the benefit of other Users of the marketplace, Taskmate encourages you to leave objective balanced feedback about Users with whom you have transacted. You acknowledge and agree that feedback results for you will consist of comments, ratings, and other feedback left by other Users, and that Taskmate will make available to other "marketplace Users", including composite feedback based on these individual ratings. Taskmate provides its public feedback system as a means through which Users can share their opinions publicly and Taskmate does not monitor or censor these opinions. Taskmate does not investigate any remarks posted by Users for accuracy or reliability but may do so if a User requests that Taskmate do so. You may be held legally responsible for damages suffered by other Users or third parties as a result of your remarks if such remarks are legally actionable or defamatory. Taskmate is not legally responsible for any feedback or comments posted or made available on the Site by any Users or third parties, even if that information is defamatory or otherwise legally actionable. In order to protect the integrity of the feedback system and protect Users from abuse, Taskmate reserves the right (but is under no obligation) to remove posted feedback or information that in Taskmate's sole judgment violates the Terms of Service or negatively affects our marketplace community or operations.

Part 3 - Responsibility

3.1 will not be responsible for the qualifications, background and identities of users.

Taskmate cannot be held responsible for the contents, including accuracy, lawfulness, completeness etc. of the information which the client receives or sends via the Internet. Taskmate can therefore not be held responsible for losses - direct or indirect - immaterial violations or other circumstances that arise as a result of the use of information found on the Internet. Taskmate cannot be held responsible for losses or other circumstances that may arise as a result of unavailability of access to services or information on the Internet, regardless of the reason for such unavailability. Taskmate accepts no responsibility for any loss of personal data, including the loss or damage of installed software, etc. Taskmate does not accept any responsibility for access gained by unauthorised persons to the client's data or systems or damage incurred as a result of this. The client is responsible for any costs related to orders placed for services via the Internet and the use of payment systems on the Internet. Exemptions of liability contained in these Terms of Service apply even in the event of gross negligence on the part of Taskmate.

3.2 is not responsible for issuing formal invoices. It is up to the user to remit any form of taxes to the appropriate authorities.

Taskmate will have no responsibility for determining the necessity of or for issuing any formal invoices, or for determining, remitting, or withholding any taxes applicable to the Vendor Fees. Vendor will be solely responsible for determining whether it is required by applicable law to issue any formal invoices for the Vendor Fees and for issuing any invoices so required. Vendor will also be solely responsible for determining whether: (a) Vendor or client is required by applicable law to remit to the appropriate authorities any value added tax or any other taxes or similar charges applicable to the Vendor Fees and remitting any such taxes or charges to the appropriate authorities on behalf of itself or Taskmate, as appropriate; and (b) Taskmate is required by applicable law to withhold any amount of the Vendor Fees and for notifying "Taskmate" of any such requirement and indemnifying Taskmate (either by Taskmate, at our sole discretion, offsetting the relevant amount against a future payment of Vendor Fees to Vendor or Vendor reimbursing Taskmate for the applicable amount) for any requirement to pay any withholding amount to the appropriate authorities (including penalties and interest). In the event of an audit of Taskmate, Vendor agrees to promptly cooperate with Taskmate and provide copies of Vendor's tax returns and other documents as may be reasonably requested for purposes of such audit, including but not limited to records showing Vendor is engaging in an independent business as represented to Taskmate.